Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Poem to Celebrate my Daughter's Birth

Birth of a Faery

The old witch
Hobbled slowly
Her body bent and lame
Past the garden
Built for faeries
Walking with her cane.

Laying down
On hallowed ground
Her old body filled with pain
The sweet old witch
Somehow knew
That body won’t rise again.

in another place
That was neither here nor there
An expectant
Faery mother
Knew a magic time was near.

"Come faery sisters
Gather round me now
There’s no more time you see
The blessed magic
Is near to hand
A Blessing there must be”.

The sisters rose
From under ground
They flew down from the trees
From depths of ocean
From heights of sky
They flew to circle me.

"Sister Heart
Bless baby’s kindness
Let her know love big and small
Sister Sight
Bless baby’s vision
Let her see the good in all”.

"Sister Knowledge
Bless baby’s wisdom
May she never go astray
Sister Play
Bless her happiness
Let her know the spirit of play”.

"Sister Health
Bless my womb
A safe place for her to be
Sister Nurturer
Bless my breasts
Let health flow to her from me”.

"Hurry sisters
I can feel it
It’s something I just know
She’s coming
To us sisters
She’s coming to us now”.

The old witch
Took a final look
No longer be reason or rhyme
Resting now
As cloudy old eyes
Closed a final time.

The pain was gone
Her body she left
But all her love remained
As she who
Once was being witch
Heard the faeries as they sang.

She drifted
On gentle melodies
Towards a new life without harm
And settled softly
Feeling peace
In the warmth of a mother’s arms.

"Drink sweetly
Little Faery
Take it deep inside
With my milk
I give thee my love
As I sing you a lullaby”.

"Lay gentle
Magic baby
Everything’s alright
The pain is gone
There’s naught to fear
Let my arms be your world tonight”.

"Feel the magic
Flow between us
The magic that never dies
You’re about to see
A new magic world
When you open your new eyes”.

"Feel your sisters
All around you
Feel their blessings surround thee
Feel the ecstasy,
The joy and the love
As mother Goddess smiles on we”.

"Sisters look
It’s happening
Her wings are spreading wide
She’s awakening
She’s joining us
She’s opening up her eyes”.

The sisters gasped
The Goddess smiled
Colors shown up above
The eyes that
Once were clouded
Now lit the land with love.

"Good Earth
With your fertility
Put the message in your trees
Blessed Air
With your spirituality
Blow the message in your breeze”.

"Great Fire of passion
With all your strength
Give all the message of change
Loving Water
With your beauty bright
Free emotions of every range”.

"Faery sisters
In the far off lands
Beyond the Milky Way
Sing out the news
To all who love
Of this a glorious day”.

"Tell all who love
To bang their drums
To sing and dance and play
Light their candles
Form their circles
Magic’s great for them today”.

"All spirits
And all elements
On this a magic morn
Spread the word
Throughout the lands
A Faery has been born”.

Dedicated to Kimberly Sabrina Brennan
A poem inspired by a glorious event of January 18, 1983
I hope somehow the joy spoken by the Faery mother

in this poem helps express the joy and magic
Your mother and I felt that day!Written by: Larry Brennan, your proud Dad

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